Install and configure OpenERP Apps

Many of OpenERP modules launches the configuration to setup the prerequisite data’s by loading correct data files or creating a new data depending on the configurations. Before Installing any module you should know what information you should keep ready or need to understand the key fields during configurations after installation of modules.

You will find complete pre and post installations steps and things to do for any OpenERP Module.


Before you proceed for the installation you should know the difference between OpenERP Apps vs Module. If you are going to install modules that is available locally, make sure your are on latest version of that modules. Its better to work with the OpenERP Apps store that always deliver latest in terms of versions along with the bug fix and improvements.

Official Applications

You will get the installation and configurations for list of all the OpenERP Certified Applications which covered under the OpenERP’s Enterprise contract and maintain the OpenERP.

Community Applications

You will get the installations and configurations for list of all the OpenERP Community based applications which are registered under OpenERP Apps Store only. However all those application are not support by OpenERP <> nor by OpenERP Book <>.

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