User Preference

On the first login to OpenERP, If you re outside the Belgium, you might get warning for the Timezone mismatch. First things you should do is to change the timezone settings as per your country.


Timezone Setting

Click on the “Click here to change your user’s timezone” and you can change your settings.


User Settings


OpenERP is multilingual application allows to access each and every screen in in your localized language. You will be able to see all the languages loaded in OpenERP and select from the them depending on your need. OpenERP is available in more then 30 languages worldwide.


Select your time zone depending on your location, on selection of correct location Timezone mismatch problem will be fix.

Receive Message by Email

Depending on the configuration, OpenERP will send you an email when OpenERP receive a notification or message on your wall, you will be notify by OpenERP.

  • Never : You will never get an email from OpenERP
  • Incoming Email only : You will be notify by email when any of the document will receive email you follow.
  • Incoming Email and Discussion : You will be notify by email when any of the document have internal notes or receive email you follow.
  • All Emails : You will notify by email on any activity perform on the document you follow in the system.

Email & Signature

Email address on which you would to get notify and signature you would like to attached when you send email from OpenERP.


After Installation of some additional module you may get more options to configure in your preferance like Default Company, Sales Team, Default Project

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