Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will considerably improve your efficiency. Any visitor using the contact form on your website will create a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.

Use the contact us on your website

You should first go to your website app.

With the CRM app installed, you benefit from ready-to-use contact form on your Odoo website that will generate leads/opportunities automatically.


To change to a specific sales channel, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings under Communication you will find the Contact Form info and where to change the Sales Channel or Salesperson.



If the same visitors uses the contact form twice, the second information will be added to the first lead/opportunity in the chatter.

Generate leads instead of opportunities

When using a contact form, it is advised to use a qualification step before assigning to the right sales people. To do so, activate Leads in CRM settings and refer to Convert leads into opportunities.