How to set default terms and condition for every new quotation?

Quotations are documents sent to customers to offer an estimated price for a particular set of goods or services along with the business terms and condions. The customer can accept the quotation, in which case the seller will have to issue a sales order, or refuse it.

This section will show you how to set the default terms and condition for every new quotation.


Install the Sales Management module to be able to send quotation, you’ll need to install the Sales Management module from the app module in the Odoo backend.

Sales Settings

Set default terms and conditions

Every quotation issued to the prospect need to have some default terms and conditions, those terms and conditions are accepted by the customer at the time of accepting the quotation.

The standard terms and conditions includes the below points:

  • Acceptance
  • Payment Terms
  • Taxes
  • Warranty
  • Claims
  • Returns
  • Shipment
  • Security Interest
  • Cancellation
  • Indemnification
  • Governing Law

Prepare and set the default terms and conditions under the Sales / Configuration / Setting.

Terms and Condition

Create your quotation

To create your first quotation, click on Sales / Quotations and click on the Create button. The default terms and conditions should be filled and appeared on the printed quotation.

Terms and Condition

By setting the term and conditions in the global settings, you can be sure that all the quotation follow the same terms and conditions, prepared and send by all the sales person.